Insights from Bermuda's cat risk management report

The biggest exposure, trends in the use of reinsurance and the popularity of various vendor models are all revealed in the Bermuda Monetary Authority's latest analysis. Christopher Cundy reports


Zurich's Isabelle Welton: "Culture is not something we can teach"

A specific responsibility for culture is highly unusual among senior insurance executives – but it's a mantle that Isabelle Welton has taken on. She discusses Zurich's culture and its journey of improvement with Christopher Cundy


CROs ride wave of uncertainty, but avoid the measuring stick

EY's latest chief risk officer survey reveals a growing reliance on CROs to guide insurers through tricky times, but most are avoiding empirical measurement of their contribution. Christopher Cundy discusses the results with Graham Handy


UK's problem with Solvency II isn't EU red tape: it's gold plating

MPs investigating post-Brexit Solvency II reforms should focus on the UK regulator, rather than Brussels bureaucrats, according to insurers. Far from throwing off the shackles of Europe, most firms hope any changes will be minor and phased in slowly. Callum Tanner reports


Actuaries call for improved Solvency II transitional reset methodology

When and how to recalculate the transitional measure on technical provisions has proved one of the trickiest aspects of the Solvency II regime for UK insurers. Actuaries argue the PRA will need to refine the methodology if firms are to take a more meaningful benefit. Callum Tanner reports


Board governance the focus in Enterprise failure investigation

The Gibraltar regulator believes it may have been "consistently misled" by Enterprise's board on its solvency. Peter Taylor, its director of legal enforcement, speaks to Callum Tanner about the ongoing probe


New York Life reaps rewards of actuarial reform

Moving to the FIS Prophet US Single Platform for actuarial valuation and projection involved cultural as well as technical upgrades


The tech trends of 2016

Christopher Cundy discusses the current themes in risk and actuarial software


Solvency II implementation reveals national diversities

InsuranceERM's survey of supervisors reveals how the use of internal models, transitionals and discount curve adjustments differs across the EU


Brexit shifts debate on Solvency II reforms

Many see Solvency II rules as a largely British export to Europe, but once the UK leaves the EU, the remaining member states are likely to take the directive in a new direction. Callum Tanner reports


Back on track with RMS(one)

RMS chief executive Hemant Shah talks to Christopher Cundy about the long-delayed launch of its exposure management platform, RMS(one)


Ireland's Solvency II testing raises proportionality concerns

The Central Bank of Ireland's probe into how smaller insurers are coping with Solvency II has touched a nerve with proponents of proportionality. David Walker reports


Liquidity has become a fluid concept in financial markets

Melanie Mitchell makes the case for decreased liquidity in corporate bond markets, and explains how investors should respond


Extracting more value from the GI reserving process

Insurers relying on stochastic modelling to estimate reserve uncertainty could take a leap forward in managing their reserve risk, as Jeff Courchene explains


Credit downgrades raise strategic questions for insurers

Investors are questioning the impact of credit downgrades on insurers' Solvency II balance sheets. Hugo Coelho investigates how firms are gauging this risk and why they resist putting a figure on it


European supervisors change tack on negative interest rate risk

Insurers are being asked to modify internal models as negative yields become the new normal, but the approach varies by country and company. Hugo Coelho reports


How far can the UK run from Solvency II?

The UK parliamentary investigation into Solvency II is expected to shed light on the trade-off between regulatory flexibility and market access, and expose the different preferences of insurers with different corporate structures. Hugo Coelho reports


Pulling the trigger on Solvency II transitional recalculations

Callum Tanner investigates UK insurers' first experiences with transitional recalculations and finds contrasting approaches to deal with the volatility of Solvency II ratios


A false dawn for restricted tier 1 debt?

The market for restricted tier 1 debt took off last month with an issue by Gjensidige, but may remain subdued for as long as the Solvency II grandfathering provisions last. Hugo Coelho reports


UK firms split on interest rate hedging strategy

L&G has put its economic view on the pedestal, moving away from its rivals and challenging analysts who take Solvency II figures more seriously. Callum Tanner reports