• AI Act implementation timeline published

    12 July 2024

    Obligations for high risk systems come into force August 2026

  • NYDFS issues guidance on AI discrimination

    11 July 2024

    Insurers in the state are expected to demonstrate the "actuarial validity" of AI

  • As Europe's political wheels turn, insurers set out their demands

    11 July 2024

    With the EU entering a new legislative cycle, Joshua Geer hears from Insurance Europe's Olav Jones about the priorities for the insurance sector

  • Gen AI models inherently difficult to explain

    11 July 2024

    The technology is way beyond human brain, challenges notions of transparency and accountability, say IAIS panellists

  • Maximum Information and Aon secure funding for project to connect humanitarian aid with hurricane insurance

    11 July 2024

    UK government-backed project aims to overhaul the way insurers and aid agencies manage cyclone risk

  • French political uncertainty poses risks to insurers, Swiss Re warns

    11 July 2024

    Rising sovereign bond yields have some benefits for insurers, but other threats could emerge

  • KCC pins Hurricane Beryl insured losses at $3.3bn

    11 July 2024
  • CCRIF to make record payout to Grenada after hurricane Beryl

    11 July 2024
  • Queen Máxima challenges insurance supervisors to help sector fulfil societal role

    11 July 2024

    Dutch monarch says insurers could make improvements on financial inclusion and closing protection gaps

  • Asset intensive increases insurer risk, say IAIS watchers

    10 July 2024

    Europe remains sceptical on asset intensive reinsurance