• Robert Muir-Wood: we need a more scientific approach to climate and catastrophes

    13 September 2022

    RMS's chief research officer says insurers must look more broadly at the risk horizon

  • Catastrophe modellers are red hot on climate

    09 July 2021

    InsuranceERM's annual roundup of developments among catastrophe modellers and platform providers finds one overwhelming theme: the need to provide insurers with better ways to understand the impact of climate change on risk. Cintia Cheong, Christopher Cundy, Ronan McCaughey and Paul Walsh report

  • Catastrophe risk models update 2021: RMS

    11 May 2021

    InsuranceERM rounds up the latest models and updates available for insurers

  • Climate change could drive hurricane losses 24% higher by 2050

    06 May 2021

    RMS adds European flood insured losses could rise 59% by mid-century due to climate risk

  • Ten ways to make pandemic BI cover affordable

    24 March 2021

    RMS's Robert Muir-Wood proposes policies to help minimise pandemic risk

  • CROs pinpoint climate change as key issue for 2021

    13 January 2021

    InsuranceERM's year-end poll of risk management experts found widespread agreement that climate change would be a key risk and opportunity for the insurance sector in 2021. Paul Walsh reports

  • RMS: 2021 is a year of transition

    07 January 2021

    RMS's Robert Muir-Wood and catastrophist Gordon Woo answer InsuranceERM's end of year questions

  • High-res flood data is cat modelling's third disruptive wave - Muir-Wood

    13 July 2018

    After the ‘Class of 93’ and the cat bond revolution, the ability to calculate building-level flood risk costs is causing a re-evaluation of flood insurance

  • InsuranceERM's Most Influential 2015

    16 April 2015

    The personalities shaping risk and capital management in Europe are revealed