's sixth annual Risk & Innovation in Data and Analytics conference will take place on 15 May 2018 in London.

Renzo Avesani, Chief Risk Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at Unipol, will provide an opening keynote address on the role of data in the modern digital world. In Europe, Unipol has the largest number of insured cars with black boxes installed - more than 3.5 million. As a result, they are very active in telematics - it allows them to better understand the kind of risks they underwrite, and it gives them insights into new product design.

As well as being Unipol's CRO, Renzo is also the chief innovation officer of the company and is actively involved in the analytics of their data and 'big data' from social media. He is also looking at applying machine learning procedures to better price their risks. Renzo will provide you with insights into his vision for the role of data in the digital insurance world and how his visions are becoming a reality at Unipol.

Other confirmed speakers include:

  • Alberto Chierici, Co-Founder, Spixii
  • Alexandrina Scorbureanu, Generali
  • Annarita Roscino, Head of Predictive Analytics, Zurich
  • Barry Hawkins, Head of Dynamic Underwriting and Pricing, Axa Insurance
  • Dominic Rau, Head Risk Governance and Steering, Swiss Re
  • Joseph Lu, Director, Longevity Science, Legal & General Retirement
  • Justin Skinner, CRO, Vitality
  • Kathrin Meier, Chief Risk Officer, ALLIANZ
  • Richard Charlton, Deputy Chief Risk Officer, Canada Life
  • Roger Dix, Chief Risk Officer, Wesleyan
  • Ross McGee, Chief Risk Officer, ONERE
  • Steven Wilkins, Head of Underwriting Insight, Hiscox
  • José Morago, Deputy Chief Risk Officer / Head of Department, Financial Conduct Authority


Topics to be discussed during the day include:

  • Insight into manipulation and use of vast data sets within the retail sector
  • How is big data actually being used in the insurance business today? 
  • Data governance and ownership
  • Analytics in a post GDPR world
  • Taking the SFCR to the next level
  • Data ethics - exploring boundaries in data usage
  • Identifying and sourcing the right data on which you can establish a competitive advantage
  • Defining the role of the Chief Data Officer 
  • Regulators in conversation: data risks as a result of insurtech and the regulatory response
  • The value of data: fallout of a data breach


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