RPC Tyche - Tyche Capital Model

Type of System

  • Analytics
  • Asset/liability management
  • Capital modelling
  • End-to-end ERM
  • Internal/external reporting
  • Solvency II solution
  • Stress testing

Type of platform

  • Cloud
  • Desktop-based
  • Server-based

Other features - does your offering facilitate

Solvency II internal model

What are the typical implementation costs?

In the range of £15k - £250k. Implementation costs and timelines vary depending on the level of support required and the complexity of any existing models that need to be replicated (e.g. bespoke features). Implementation can be conducted largely in house to minimize cost; or as a collaborative engagement. 

How long does your software take to implement on site?

Typically, two to three months, but can vary based on the complexity of the implementation required.

Please name companies that use the system/solution

Apollo, Aspen, Asta, Aviva, Axis, Capita, Channel, Cincinnati, Convex, Coverys, Esure, Fidelis, Hiscox, IGI, NHBC, QIC, Ren Re, Starr + 5 others who have not yet given permission.


With unrivalled speed and flexibility, Tyche Capital Model provides a best-in-class Solvency II Internal Model solution.


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