Invoke Regulatory - Invoke

Type of System

  • Governance, risk, compliance
  • Internal/external reporting
  • Solvency II reporting
  • Lloyd's CMR reporting
  • National Specific Templates
  • ECB reporting
  • financial stability reporting

Type of Platform

  • Desktop-based
  • Server-based

Most recent significant updates:

Brand new dashboard features within the disclosure management web portal included in the reporting package (easy-built custom analysis dashboard through glossy, user-friendly widgets)

Planned future enhancements:

In addition to providing ongoing application and regulatory maintenance to ensure perfect alignment with Lloyd's and EIOPA's reporting requirements, new features will include further enhancements of the collaborative, dynamic text-processing application embedded within the application itself to further facilitate and automate narrative reporting.

Other Features

Integration with third-party or in-house systems?

Due to Invoke's SII Pillar 3 data model, INVOKE REGULATORY can be seamlessly integrated with either third-party or in-house systems. The main benefit here is that Invoke provide our clients with a list of data requirements needed to help fulfil their reports, which are automatically uploaded into the software. This procedure can save up to 25% on integration and Data Warehouse development efforts.

Implementation and Costs

Typical implementation costs:

Using the standardised roll-out methodology, implementation costs are typically in the region of £40,000 - £70,000 (licence costs included), but this cost is directly affected by the actual project scope and client requirements under consideration.

How long does your software take to implement on site?

The implementation time required is directly related to the project scope and the client's internal organisation. On average, INVOKE REGULATORY can be fully implemented from approximately 5 days using the standardised roll-out methodology.

Key attributes of product:

Considering the close relationship between Invoke, Lloyd's and European Regulators, and the fact Invoke are one of the key XBRL working group members, Invoke are in a position to provide clients with trusted and reliable guidance on the future state of Lloyd's and EIOPA reporting. Over 20% of the European market successfully used Invoke software to streamline and automate their submissions in 2017. The solution itself has been proven across the complete Cat 1- 5 company spectrum, testament to its ability to adapt to a client's current setup and future requirements with minimum interruption but maximum efficiency.

Please name companies that use the system/solution:

Ten Lloyd's syndicates use the INVOKE REGULATORY solution through the Asta, Hamilton and Vibe managing agents, as well as companies such as W.R. Berkley and Aon.