Solys - Milliman

Type of System

  • Data management
  • machine learning and statistical modelling
  • data analysis
  • visualisation
  • big data manipulation

Type of Platform

  • Web-based

Other Features

Integration with third-party or in-house systems?

Spark, Hadoop, R, Python software (open source)

Implementation and Costs

Typical implementation costs:

Solys could be use in different modes (local cluster or cloud). The first mode capitalizes on infrastructures the office already have. The second allows to be scalable and use on-demand resources located on the cloud (pay as you use).

How long does your software take to implement on site?

0.5 day to deploy.

Key attributes of product:

Very user-friendly interface and interactive visualizations

Transparency and full audit track of results (code is shared)

Scalable (if more resources needed for a big project, we can use the cloud with appropriate devices)

High performances thanks to calculations externalized to servers (the underlying engine is Spark)

Data and results archived and backed up by user login

Automatic updates