EasyRe - Milliman

Type of System

  • Internal/external reporting
  • Risk Management
  • Reserving solution
  • Reinsurance management

Type of Platform

  • Web-based
  • SaaS

Other Features

The offering facilitates

  • Curve-fitting

Integration with third-party or in-house systems?

R software, Excel

Implementation and Costs

Typical implementation costs:

Typical implementation costs: EasyRe doesn't require any implementation working. User only needs to have an internet connection to use the software.

How long does your software take to implement on site?

No delay as this is a SaaS software

Key attributes of product:

  • Professional and user-friendly interface
  • Transparency and full audit track of results (downloadable replicating Excel files)
  • Limited annual license fees (SaaS version) & Modular structure
  • No physical installation needed
  • Very high performances thanks to calculations externalized to servers (the underlying engine is R)
  • Data and results archived and backed up by user login
  • Automatic updates