New whitepaper examines insurance asset management in light of Covid-19

Published in: Investment, Investment risk - strategy, Asset management, UK, Rest of Europe, SFCR

Insurance Risk Data is publishing a free white paper examining the impact Covid-19 has had on insurers and their relationships with asset managers.

The paper - COVID-19: Investment Impact White Paper, Insurance asset management strategies - analyses the broad hit to insurers from the pandemic, and how their reaction to it is evolving, with a primary focus on their investments and asset managers.

The 11-page whitepaper has full results of the latest investment sensitivities from selected European underwriters, showing the effect on solvency ratios of scenarios including equities and interest rates falling, credit/sovereign spreads widening, property devaluing and FX rates fluctuating.

A longer report, to follow the white paper later this month, will provide these details for more than 500 EEA and Swiss underwriters.

The whitepaper gives asset managers and CIOs insight into how relationships between them are being reordered as a result of the pandemic, and what CIOs demand of managers, as both now navigate arguably the toughest test of the past decade.

The whitepaper also reveals findings from a proprietary industry survey, conducted at the height of volatility on markets, when respondents detailed which protection measures shielded investment portfolios the best, and which they would use more in future. And readers can see how insurers in key countries were allocating to central asset classes, right on the eve of the pandemic.