Reinsurance versus sub debt: which is best for solvency capital?

Reinsurance or sub debt alone is unlikely to provide the best solution to meeting solvency capital requirements; instead, a blended approach should be considered, say Matthew Day and Ross Milburn


Reinsurance is flexible and cost-effective for Solvency II capital needs

There are other advantages, too, over equity and hybrid capital, which are more complex to issue, as Peter Bärnreuther and Norbert Kuschel describe


The future of appraisal valuations

The contents of actuarial appraisal valuations in M&A situations are set to evolve with the arrival of Solvency II and updated accounting standards. Fergal O'Shea discusses the likely changes and considers how the appraisal reports will remain relevant.


Dutch insurers tread the MA minefield

The Dutch regulator is poised to publish guidance for insurers on use of the matching adjustment. Repackaging of mortgage loans is one bone of contention, another is the treatment of pension contracts. Hugo Coelho reports


Low rates usher an era of 'new traditional' products

Austrian insurer Uniqa has replaced its traditional guaranteed product with a 'new traditional' product that comes with a 0% guarantee and bonus at maturity. It is just the latest insurer to adjust its product portfolio in response to the twin threats of low rates and Solvency II. Hugo Coelho reports


Tough battle ahead for global capital standards

The response of US state insurance regulators to the IAIS consultation on the insurance capital standard sheds light over hurdles on the way of a global compromise. Hugo Coelho reports


Hong Kong: on the road to RBC

It is early days for the development of Hong Kong's risk-based capital regime, but insurers already fear it will bring substantial changes to their businesses. Hugo Coelho reports


South African insurers QIS goodbye to easy 2015

South Africa's latest study on the impact of its new solvency regime yielded some worrying results for re/insurers. Christopher Cundy talks to the regulator and market watchers to see what it means for the sector


The pains of standardisation

Insurers planning to use the Solvency II standard formula must convince regulators that it is appropriate to calculate their capital requirements. Hugo Coelho reports on the arguments insurers are putting forward – and what happens if they fail


National regulators at odds over Solvency II volatility adjustment

InsuranceERM's survey highlights inconsistency in how regulators plan to implement key tool of the long-term guarantee package.