Why we need to redefine the "e" in ERM

In this interview, leading risk consultant James Lam argues for much more effective risk management and a radical expansion of the ERM concept


Can capital pressures be run off?

As fourth-quarter results reveal depleted balance sheets for many insurers, exiting unprofitable lines of business could become more popular for managing capital. Helen Yates reports.


(Re)insurers face difficult choices on capital

The range of options for bolstering capital has decreased as the credit crunch has intensified. Risk retention vehicles may have a role to play, argue Adrian Richardson and John Reed


"Non-toxic" investments may hit European insurers' capital base

While some European firms are still reeling from investments in "toxic" paper, concern is mounting about potential losses in more mainstream holdings, as Sarfraz Thind reports


Germany maps out route to Solvency II

The MaRisk VA circular raises the country's preparations for 2012 to a new level. One result: risk management will become more of a board concern. Report by Jessica Baylis


Why we favour a statistical approach to hurricane forecasting

The results beat other methods and the forecasts are getting closer to reality, say Philip Klotzbach and William Gray


How insurers can use risk appetite to set risk limits

Producing a risk appetite statement is not easy; cascading it into a comprehensive limit structure even harder. But the rewards for achieving this are significant, explains Karl Chappell


Why operational risk fits pillar II best

The standard model in Solvency II is totally inadequate for operational risk. Many in the industry know this. But nothing is likely to change before 2012. By Jessica Baylis


Capital erosion isn't a problem for insurers -- yet

The financial crisis hasn't dented re/insurers' capital too badly. Sources of capital remain to be tapped. But pray for a light hurricane season, says Helen Yates.


The risks multiply for insurers in 2009

The fall-out from the banking crisis could ensnare the insurance industry this year -- unless it rises to the challenges highlighted by the experts below. Jessica Baylis reports.