US and Europe close to agreement on ICS comparability

Obstacles could be nearing resolution, says ABI


UK insurers set five-point plan to maximise climate risk management

The ABI set out the required actions at its climate change summit today


Monkeypox virus outbreak 'is no reason to forget about Covid'

Insurance experts discuss the implications of the rise in Monkeypox cases


UK officially approves IFRS 17

UKEB raises broader concerns with annuity profits recognition and calls for a more in-depth review


S&P winds back on some insurance capital rating proposals

Agency responds to concerns on new rating model


S&P to release new capital rules by late Q3

Agency may make changes as it faces heavy criticism


Abir slams "disruptive" and "anti-competitive" S&P rating proposals

Bermudian insurance body calls out S&P for overuse of power on debt capital rules


UK regulator urged to address "ethnicity penalty" for car insurance

Citizens Advice analysed 18,000 motor policies in England


Increased regulatory D&I focus may prompt unintended risks

Admiral Group's UK CEO Cristina Nestares said the regulatory focus should be widened