US life firms under pressure from accounting overhaul

It has been billed as the biggest change in US accounting rules for decades. But reportage of the new US GAAP LDTI standard remains sparse. Since coming into effect in August, with an implementation deadline of 2021, companies have been scrambling to assess the impact. Sarfraz Thind reports


US Sifi designations: not exactly dead

The Federal Reserve's work on large insurer regulation appeared to receive a final nail in the coffin when Prudential's Sifi designation was removed this month. Insurers have rejoiced, but systemic risk regulation has not been buried entirely. Sarfraz Thind reports


Prudential Financial loses Sifi status

Insurer does not pose threat to financial stability, say US regulators


AIG loses US systemic risk status

FSOC votes 6-3 to remove Sifi tag


NAIC slams secretive process behind covered agreement

Could act as "backdoor to force foreign regulations on US companies"


Transparency critical to G-Sii methodology, says EU official

Adds that designating firms on an individual basis as systemic is "paradoxical"


US insurers denounce 'double standards' on systemic non-banks

ACLI urges regulators reconsider approach to systemic insurers


US advances on new formula for life insurance reserves

NAIC adopts valuation manual for calculating life firms' solvency capital


CEA and ACLI welcome EU-US working group

Aim is to reduce barriers to trade between US and EU insurance markets