2021 Atlantic hurricane season: "shorties", northeastern losses and rapid intensification

This year's Atlantic hurricane season may not have broken the records of its predecessor, but it was notable for the emergence of several worrying trends. Paul Walsh reports


Study shows impact of climate change on US inland flood risk

Actuaries and AIR Worldwide forecast the effect of climate change on future US flood risk


AIR Worldwide warns of $106bn average annual cat losses

Recent years of natural catastrophe losses are not outliers, says risk modelling firm


AIR ups Ida loss estimate after major northeastern US flooding

The new insured loss estimate stands at between $20bn and $30bn


Social inflation: 800lbs gorilla or 80lbs monkey?

Casualty insurers are complaining about rising liability losses, driven by a litigious US culture and changing social attitudes. But could a far worse catastrophe be ahead of them? Sarfraz Thind reports


More flood insurance cover for hurricane Ida than Harvey

CoreLogic's Tom Larsen says the increase in insurance coverage is "very encouraging".


GDV raises German flood loss estimate to €5.5bn

Signal Iduna takes €44m of claims so far


Cat modellers go physical to understand climate threats

Insurers' modelling of natural catastrophes has predominantly relied on historical data, but this approach is becoming unsuitable as the climate changes. Paul Walsh investigates the new techniques being developed


Cat modellers factor in flood risk from moon wobble

AIR Worldwide and JBA Risk Management say the impact is marginal