AIR Worldwide launches free Covid-19 projection tool

The projections consider a range of factors in the pandemic including underreporting


Cat modelling awakens to climate change risk

Responsibility for understanding the implications of climate change for insurers has largely fallen on the shoulders of the catastrophe modelling community. They are responding with a more dynamic and multi-faceted view, as Paul Walsh reports


AIR warns of up to 230,000 Covid-19 deaths by mid-April

More than 200 countries, areas and territories have confirmed cases of Covid-19


Modelling the virus

The spread of Covid-19 has not come as a surprise to everyone. Analytics firms are looking at the thousands of situations to model pandemics every day. However, it seems insurers are not quite up to scratch. Sarfraz Thind reports


AIR Worldwide assesses next wave of countries at risk from coronavirus

The catastrophe modeller used its pandemic model to run hypothetical scenarios


AIR predicts up to €1.9bn Ciara/Sabine insured losses

The storm caused damage and disruption to large parts of the UK and Europe


AIR Worldwide estimates up to 250,000 could be infected with coronavirus

But Fitch says as things stand, Chinese life firms adequately capitalised for earnings hit


Stronger and more frequent hurricanes on the way, warns AIR Worldwide

The catastrophe risk modeller said stronger and more frequent cyclones are likely in the future


Typhoon Hagibis losses could reach $11bn

The combined losses from Hagibis and Faxai in Japan could rival last year’s typhoon Jebi


Hagibis may hit insurers for $16bn warns AIR Worldwide

Japanese authorities called Hagibis the worst typhoon to hit Japan in decades