Multi-billion dollar losses expected from Alberta wildfire

Blaze halts region's oil production; likely to be Canada's costliest disaster, warns AM Best


AM Best tussles with tail risk in credit assessment

Rating agency seeks more input to methodology


Property cat insurers raise 1-in-100 risk appetites

But 1-in-250 more stable over 2012-2015


Cyber security draft model law "impossible to support"

NAIC and industry remain keen to "occupy the field" ahead of Federal legislation


"Foolish" for EU and US not to mutually recognise regulatory systems

Florida insurance commissioner Kevin McCarty criticises concept of one-size-fits-all insurance capital standard


No model law on the cards for US group capital calculation

Calculation is not intended to become a standard, US state regulator says


AM Best demands more information on cyber risk accumulation

Agency adds cyber, ALM and nat cat queries to SRQ


UK floods to have 'moderate impact' on insurers' profits

AM Best expects little effect on balance sheet strength and ratings


AM Best shifts cat risk assessment in BCAR update

Interest rate risk and dependence on reinsurance are the other key changes to calculation of insurer credit ratings. Asa Gibson reports


Only 3% of P&C insurers active in ILS market

AM Best survey reveals low levels of penetration among primary insurers