California and Washington push for TCFD climate reporting for US

Insurance associations remain lukewarm on "resource intensive" standard


US flood insurance has been "an abject failure"

Insurance state commissioners debate need for nationwide climate change policies


US Elections: a divided government is good for insurers

Joe Biden's win comes after an extended period of uncertainty and division that has clouded US politics. However, division is not the worst enemy of the US insurance industry, but "populist" reforms promised by the Democratic party may well be. Sarfraz Thind reports


US insurers call on China to tear down discriminatory trade barriers

APCIA demands strong enforcement so US insurers can carry business into offshore markets


US insurers seeking to corral UK support over ICS with new financial alliance

APCIA says the British American Finance Alliance could align the US and UK positions


US industry associations deny relevance of UK BI case verdict

The UK case found in favour of policyholders and had been expected to provide template for other jurisdictions


US wildfires to cost insurers up to $8bn, Moody's estimates

Western state blazes have claimed 34 lives and destroyed almost 10,000 homes


Insurers' use of credit scoring penalises people of colour

Washington commissioner calls out credit scoring practice as form of institutional racism


Covid-19 BI litigation "will stop America's recovery before it starts"

The APCIA has been at the forefront of fighting fires in the current crisis. Senior vice president Robert Gordon talks to Sarfraz Thind about the business interruption saga and why litigation is simply wrong


US P&C association reportedly overinflated BI loss figure as lobbying tactic

APCIA claim of $255bn to $431bn monthly losses wide of mark, say researchers