Insurers' use of credit scoring penalises people of colour

Washington commissioner calls out credit scoring practice as form of institutional racism


Covid-19 BI litigation "will stop America's recovery before it starts"

The APCIA has been at the forefront of fighting fires in the current crisis. Senior vice president Robert Gordon talks to Sarfraz Thind about the business interruption saga and why litigation is simply wrong


US P&C association reportedly overinflated BI loss figure as lobbying tactic

APCIA claim of $255bn to $431bn monthly losses wide of mark, say researchers


Californian P&C insurers hit out at workers compensation order

State governor's edict "jeopardises stability" of compensation system, APICA argues


Covid-19 reveals the cracks in the US insurance system

US insurers have been getting a beating in their response to the Covid-19 crisis. Their latest move to rebate auto premiums shows the fissures in their approach and the lack of a cohesive regulatory response. Sarfraz Thind reports


Retroactive BI liabilities for Covid-19 jump 13% for US insurers

Virus spread spurs APCIA to revise its estimates for potential business interruption damage


US Covid-19 business interruption demand could cost "$383bn per month"

Charges may wipe out P&C surplus as more states file for retroactive coverage


US insurers in Covid-19 coverage crisis

Insurers are being asked critical questions about their role in protecting consumers from the coronavirus pandemic. Despite calls from on high, the industry says it will not cover business-interruption and workers compensation losses. As the crisis deepens, industry bodies say such demands could threaten the stability of the sector. Sarfraz Thind reports


US insurers hit back at claim of phony social inflation crisis

Consumer study suggested insurers using social inflation to falsely justify rate hikes


IAIS Abu Dhabi: Why the Treasury and NAIC returned different ICS conclusions

"Team USA" voiced wildly divergent tones in their reaction to the ICS talks in Abu Dhabi last week. But, despite their strong statements, the US negotiators appear to be in accordance over zero implementation of IAIS's capital accord and the potential to move forward with compromise. Sarfraz Thind reports