Rising interest rates ease ZZR bill for German life firms

Many reported lower ZZR bills in 2021, while two expect none in 2022


Allianz pleads guilty to criminal charges in Australia

Charges related to statements in online travel policy sales


Prices for cyber more than double in past year, says Howden

Broker says compounding increases now "unsustainable"


Bigger does not mean better for insurers

Expanding an insurance business in good times typically meant growing profits. In today's tougher economic environment, Europe's largest insurers are being much more prudent about spending capital, and are only considering very careful expansion, as David Walker writes


Full complexity of Europe's insurance groups revealed

Despite Amanda Blanc's simplification drive, Aviva remains the UK's most complex insurer


Russian-Ukrainian exposure at Europe's insurers revealed

Insurance Risk Data finds Allianz takes top spot for number of stakes in war-zone businesses


A troublesome transition

Under pressure to stop underwriting fossil fuels, insurers are having to balance the loss of profitable business with developing new products and avoiding reputational risks, as David Walker reports


Allianz GI barred from US after "massive fraudulent" Structured Alpha scheme

Asset manager transfers $120bn assets to Voya IM, pays $6bn in fraud case


Allianz plans complete exit from Russia, says CFO

While climate change poses insurability doubts for Australia