Eastern Europe Solvency II preparations dominated by groups

Many of Eastern Europe's insurers are affiliates of international groups. In theory, this should help insurers in the region to prepare for Solvency II. In practice, lack of local technical expertise is compounded by scant attention from the parent companies, as Sarfraz Thind reports


Allianz sets up ESG Board

Environmental board is "first of its kind"


ILS market sees $3.6bn of new issues in H1 2012

Since RMS v11, AIR has become favoured modeller for bonds, says Swiss Re


Research projects driven by mix of altruism and business logic

Climate change, floods, longevity, volcanoes, the Arctic ice cap, the Great Barrier Reef - all have been the subject of various research projects funded by re/insurers or brokers. However altruistic the support of these projects appears, they all ultimately bring some benefit to the sponsors, as Sarfraz Thind explains


Towers Watson sets up broker in Germany

(Re)Insurance Brokers GmbH is based in Munich


AM Best conducts more stress tests in light of Euro turmoil

Holds negative view of overall market environment


Insurers' defences against Greek Euro exit vary widely

Italian and Spanish the most at risk, German and UK the least, says Fitch


Tullett Prebon and Allianz launch Solvency II solution

Will help insurers calibrate models, say TPI and IDS


How Solvency II will affect insurers' bond and equity investments

Solvency II is driving changes in the way insurers manage their assets, with equities looking likely suffer. But how big an impact on asset allocation overall will there be? Sarfraz Thind looks at the implications for bonds and equities. A subsequent article will cover other investment classes


Allianz places its largest ever cat bond

First takedown under new SPV with $240m volume