Allianz's natcat costs in Q1 hit decade high

But operating profits grew 11% for asset management, year on year


Allianz books additional €1.9bn provision for Structured Alpha in Q1

Group estimates this will cover remaining costs linked to hedge funds


Allianz tightens oil and gas policy

Policy commendable but falls short on gas, says activist


Insurers count up underwriting costs of losing Russian business

From losing clients to losing Antonovs, Putin's war keeps hitting insurers


It's life Oliver, but not as we knew it

European life insurers' capital consumption used to give their CEOs indigestion. But the "capital-lite" diets of Allianz and others has transformed the business, as David Walker discovers


Allianz and Swiss Re seal "first legally binding" reinsurance contract on DLT

The transaction was enabled by blockchain consortium B3i


Munich Re withdraws from Russian business

Reinsurer joins Allianz, Zurich and Swiss Re in cutting ties