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Regulators seek new tech to probe insurers' quantitative reports

But warn of unregulated value chains when insurers adopt insurtech


Insurers downbeat on proposed Solvency II reforms

Eiopa has completed its first major review of Solvency II and, on the biggest issues, its proposals have not gone down well. Christopher Cundy reports


Insurers set criteria to define driverless cars

UK law will make car manufacturers liable for crashes under vehicle’s control


IAIS gives ground in roadmap for global capital standards

IAIS published plan to create “common language” for group solvency from Malaysian meeting


UK insurers criticise regulator after parliamentary report on Solvency II

Trade body says PRA will have to go further in its proposed reforms


UK seeking bespoke Brexit deal for cross-border insurance policies

Philip Hammond responds to questions from Treasury Select Committee


UK government inspects price comparison site over home insurance pricing

Competition and Markets Authority suspects insurers forced to sell at lower prices than they would on other outlets


MPs request solution for cross-border insurance contracts written before Brexit

UK industry fears loss of legal authorisation without agreement to replace passporting


UK government proposes higher Ogden rate

Promises relief for insurers and motor insurance buyers


ABI slams PRA for adding more Solvency II reporting requirements

Any additional burden should be offset by cut in other reporting, says ABI’s Findlay