ABI and IMA to form new investment entity

Daniel Godfrey to be chief executive


How Eiopa's guidelines will increase Solvency II disclosure levels

As expected, the batch of consultation papers and templates issued by Eiopa on 8 November require significantly increased quantitative and qualitative reporting detail for Solvency II in a number of areas relative to Solvency I, although, as the underlying level 2 text is still not finalised, further changes may be required , as William Coatesworth and John McKenzie explain.


Solvency II level 3 pre-consultations to be in private

No public debate at this stage on internal model issues


Will Solvency II deadline be lost in transition?

It looks increasingly unlikely that Solvency II will arrive with a big bang on 1 January 2013 because some key aspects of the directive will be phased in. But the transitional arrangements have yet to be spelled out. Helen Yates explains