Insurers welcome delay to solvency regulation change in Bermuda

Regulatory reviews in EU and internationally justify delay, says Abir


Bermuda delays reforms to solvency capital rules

Authority aims to increase risk sensitivity of standard formula


Bermuda ready to negotiate covered agreement with US

Waiting for US to come to the table


IAIS faces fresh debate on systemic risk – and clash on capital standard

The International Association of Insurance Supervisors meeting in Kuala Lumpur this week comes amid a renewed debate about systemic risk in insurers and big questions about the deadlines for developing a global capital standard. Christopher Cundy reports


ILS investment here to stay, even with higher interest rates

Reinsurers say pension funds won't give up uncorrelated risks when investment markets improve


Why London is losing out to Bermuda after major catastrophes

The failure of the London Market to attract the majority of new reinsurance capital after major US catastrophes is in large part down to the flexibility of regulators. For now, Bermuda retains the advantage. Callum Tanner reports


Reinsurance soft market here to stay, says Bermuda regulator

Craig Swan at the BMA says catastrophes are no longer able to materially impact reinsurance pricing


Insights from Bermuda's cat risk management report

The biggest exposure, trends in the use of reinsurance and the popularity of various vendor models are all revealed in the Bermuda Monetary Authority's latest analysis. Christopher Cundy reports


Seven countries confirmed as Solvency II equivalent

Only Switzerland deemed fully equivalent, others 'provisional' for group solvency


"No resentment" in Bermuda over Solvency II equivalence deal

Bermuda Monetary Authority director for licensing and authorisations, Shelby Weldon, tells Christopher Cundy how the country's supervisory regime is taking account of changes in regulation globally - not just in the EU