Frank Grund warns insurers: "Don't bet on high inflation rates normalising"

Firms that underestimated inflation must adjust claims provisions, Germany's top insurance supervisor says


Full extent of transitional measures in Germany revealed

The measures and the volatility adjustment maintain capital adequacy for some insurers


R.I.P. traditional life insurance

Low interest rates killed off European life insurance products that offered policyholders guaranteed annual returns. Even now as rates rise, David Walker finds practitioners are ready to bury the concept


BaFin warns German firms being "intensively supervised" about reporting obligations

Local insurance law demands prompt notification if insurers' financial situation worsens


Balance is key for AI supervision in insurance, says BaFin

Frank Grund says additional requirements are only appropriate if there are additional risks


Allianz books additional €1.9bn provision for Structured Alpha in Q1

Group estimates this will cover remaining costs linked to hedge funds


German regulator "intensively supervising" 20 life firms

Low yields and high promises the reason, says BaFin chief


Low rates lead German insurers to use more derivatives

Regulator reviews latest trends


BaFin's Frank Grund elected to Eiopa's management board

It is his second time to be elected to the board


Germany plots the transit from transitionals

Some life insurers rely on Solvency II's transitional measures to ensure their continued existence. But paradoxically, that does not mean they will fail without them, as David Walker explains