German insurers predict proliferation of companies, not contraction

M&A trend is weaker than expected, says GDV


Germany and Italy see largest second wave of Solvency II applications

InsuranceERM survey reveals many insurers are still adjusting to the new regulatory regime


European supervisors change tack on negative interest rate risk

Insurers are being asked to modify internal models as negative yields become the new normal, but the approach varies by country and company. Hugo Coelho reports


Commission dashes Eiopa's plan for automatic UFR adjustment

Final decision on Solvency II reform could come after stress tests


Sovereign risk must be covered in the ORSA, says BaFin

Insurers with significant exposures face capital add-on


German insurers plan second wave of internal model applications

Regulator approved 27 models in the run up to Solvency II


BaFin stands ready to recalibrate ZZR

Maximum technical interest rate might be scrapped in 2018


Three German insurers below 100% SCR - BaFin

Fully-loaded 2017 Solvency II reports carry "reputational risk", Moody's warns


EU stress tests go beyond large resilient German insurers

BaFin must turn to mid-cap firms to meet 75% threshold


Commission stands in the way of UFR reduction

Stakeholders are sidestepping Eiopa and turning to Brussels in a bid to preserve the Solvency II long-term discount rate. Hugo Coelho reports