Low interest rates challenge regulators as well as insurers

Current economic policies are creating market distortions that insurers and their regulators should tackle sooner rather than later, says Daniel Hofmann, advisor to the chairman of Zurich Insurance Group


Supervisors highlight poor quality of data in LTGA

Could be a foretaste of issues with Solvency II reporting


Solvency II delay not a problem, says BaFin chief

German supervisor calls for "calm discussion" on implementation


Solvency II: who's ready to comply?

As regulators plan to introduce elements of pillars 2 and 3 from 1 January 2014, InsuranceERM takes a tour of the major European countries to see how prepared they are – and where they may have problems complying


Regulators and industry carp at IAIS over G-SIIs

Proposals need "substantial refinement", says BaFin


BaFin to introduce Solvency II elements

Aspects of ORSA have already been implemented


FINMA reviews Swiss Solvency Test in light of SII

While the Swiss regulator is firmly against some aspects of Solvency II, it is refining the Swiss Solvency Test to align it more closely with the EU directive and admits its model approval process could have been better thought-out, as Sarfraz Thind explains


A modular approach to the ORSA

An insurer's ORSA can be constructed from three modules, the risk profile, the prospective solvency and the ORSA governance and firm's ERM. The exercise may be costly but firms will benefit both internally and externally, argues a Willis Re report, excerpted here


Germany needs its confidence in Solvency II restored

German insurers are well capitalised but the German insurance association plans its own QIS next year because it says Eiopa's QIS5 destroyed confidence in Solvency II. Lorna Davies looks into Germany insurers' concerns over the directive


BaFin's pre-application process is demanding

Many meetings, reams of documents