Insurers disappointed by UK rate cut and QE extension

Analysts expect further quantitative easing in 2016


The stress of going sub-zero

UK insurers modelling the risk that interest rates move into negative territory are finding that the capital implications of doing so are less than straightforward. Hugo Coelho reports

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Post-Brexit slump makes mockery of Eiopa stress test

The UK's Solvency II discount rates at the end of June put insurers in a worse position than the stress test scenario, so what can insurers and regulators hope to learn? Hugo Coelho reports


BoE backs flexible reading of Solvency II transitional rules

Transitional benefit recalculation reduces risk of asset fire sales


How the PRA wants to change to Solvency II

February consultation offers clues about post-Brexit environment


InsuranceERM's Most Influential 2016 revealed

Who's leading the direction of risk and capital management?


Complex reinsurance arrangements enter PRA's radar

Moulder warns against risk of overreliance on models


The Solvency II reform wish list

How should the EU regulation be changed to encourage economic growth, remove unnecessary burdens, inconsistencies and unintended consequences? InsuranceERM analyses the responses to the Commission's call for evidence


France decries one-year time horizon of Solvency II stresses

Responses to European Commission's call for evidence on financial regulation review published


BoE mulls countercyclical regulatory tool for insurers

Lack of instruments in Solvency II to address system-wide crisis brought up in response to European Commission