CRO Forum adds biodiversity decline and mental health as emerging risks

Antimicrobial resistance is raised to a high risk in the 2021 report


Covid-19 and technology challenge the three lines model

The "three lines of defence" model has pervaded insurers' approach to risk management, but how is it standing up to a rapidly changing environment? Cintia Cheong talks to the authors of a major CRO Forum report, and other experts, to find out


People moves: Abir, Ascot and CRO Forum

InsuranceERM rounds up major appointments in the insurance industry


CRO Forum warns insurers of major socio-demographic changes

Insurers are advised to rethink their value propositions for a very different world in 2050


Five EU associations call for Solvency II capital reduction

Coalition of insurance groups say cut needed to help sustainable economic recovery in EU


CROs share tips on data management

Survey reveals only half of insurers have formal data governance committee


Pandemic risk earns top emerging risk status

CRO Forum adds skills shortages, microplastics and digital misinformation to emerging risk radar


CRO Forum analyses carbon footprinting for underwriting portfolios

Methodologies and options for measuring carbon dioxide emissions discussed in report


Don't touch risk-free rate curve in Solvency II review, Insurance Europe urges

CROs, CFOs and Insurance Europe disappointed by several proposals from Eiopa's consultation


CRO Forum pinpoints risks and opportunities from medical advances

The forum said insurers must understand the impact of medical progress