China's insurers suffer expected fall in solvency as C-Ross Phase II takes effect

CBIRC says ratios "remain within a reasonable range"


Chinese life solvency falls in Q1 despite use of transitional rules

Sales to weaken in 2022 as pandemic lockdowns persist


Sunshine reveals solvency ratios in Hong Kong IPO document

Chinese insurer expects "a certain impact" on ratios from C-Ross Phase II in Q1 2022 reporting


C-Ross Phase II: risk-based capital with social characteristics

The overhaul of China's prudential rules has introduced adjustments that allow regulatory influence over how insurers underwrite and invest - with the objective of producing a social good, as David Walker reports


China's insurers covered $50bn of "ice and snow" risks in lead-up to Olympics

CBIRC approved 30 policy clauses specifically for the Games in February


Creating C-Ross

DWS's Ellen Yang can fairly claim unique insight into the development of China's prudential regulation. She talks to David Walker about her involvement and the impact of the Phase II rules


Chinese solvency ratios decline in last C-Ross Phase I reporting

CBIRC reveals average adequacy in notes after solvency committee meeting


Chinese insurers' solvency fell in H1 2021, with more drops expected

Only non-life firms managed to defend ratios in Q1-Q2 2021


Lloyd's predicts stable solvency in China as C-Ross Phase II begins

Practitioners expect volatile solvency levels elsewhere in China