Mortality reserving windfalls: a reversal of fortune?

UK life insurers have enjoyed several years of unexpected profits thanks to the slowdown of mortality improvements, but recent statistics hint this trend may be about to reverse. Cintia Cheong reports


Club Vita plans US expansion

The longevity risk data provider is already established in the UK and Canada


Longevity risk seeks investor appeal

The LLMA's new indices promise a more tradable market in longevity risk, with greater appeal to investors, according to market players. But the market remains stuck in a "chicken and egg" situation on liquidity. Lorna Davies reports


Pension risk transfers to reach £50bn in 2012

Will build from last year's record level, says Hymans Robertson


Hyping up the hedge

Aegon's €12bn longevity swap last month appeared to be the deal that would finally kick-start the heavily-hyped longevity risk transfer business. But the finer details reveal more marketing spin than substance. Sarfraz Thind investigates


FTSE350 companies fail to adjust to longevity increases

Nearly half of firms made no increases in their assumptions, says Club Vita


UK life expectancy increases faster than projected

CMI data is good for older people, but will cost pension schemes £5bn


PPF signs deal with Club Vita

Longevity risk is big challenge, says Pension Protection Fund


The pros and cons of longevity hedging

Removing, or at least reducing, risk is now a priority for pension schemes. But mitigating longevity risk doesn't always have to involve hedging or swaps, explains Steve Hood