UK ends pandemic support for trade credit insurers

Reinsurance scheme will finish on 30 June


Governments win in Covid-19 trade credit reinsurance programmes

Governments have profited from the support they offered trade credit insurers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Insurers say they have no regrets, but are looking forward to the end of state aid. David Walker reports


Coface reveals effects of governmental support for trade credit insurers

Ceding risk to public programmes takes almost five points off combined ratio


German trade insurers win further six months' breathing room

Public-private umbrella protection programme extended to June 2021


Trade insurers voice support for UK government plan

UK scheme follows others in Germany, France and Belgium


Coface choses Duco for IFRS 17 implementation

Credit insurer described Duco as a "genuine disruptor" in data reconciliation


Coface gets green light to use Solvency II partial internal model

Standard formula calibration changes motivated switch to an internal model


Coface submits application for Solvency II partial internal model

Switch from standard formula will mitigate planned changes to calibrations


Coface prepares internal model to mitigate Solvency II reforms

Underwriter warns standard formula changes could slice 20 points from coverage ratio


Insurers warn over Trump's trade wars

Currently only skirmishes, tariff battles would benefit no-one, underwriters say