CMI places no weight on 2020-2021 data for next mortality projections

2021 still likely to be an outlier, says CMI


UK's shrinking mortality improvements continue in 2020, ignoring Covid-19 impact

CMI_2020 calibrated for users to disregard 2020 data if they choose


Covid-19 vaccinations move the needle on mortality forecasts

With the UK's Covid-19 vaccination programme being rolled out, experts tell Cintia Cheong about its impact on mortality in 2021 and what insurers should consider when projecting mortality trends


Christmas week registers 51% more Covid-19 deaths than expected

UK has 75,000 excess deaths since pandemic outbreak, according to CMI actuaries


Covid-19 drives CMI to recalibrate 2020 mortality projections

This year is likely to be an outlier, say actuaries


Actuaries ponder how to set mortality assumptions after Covid-19

CMI consultation runs until 1 November


CMI proposes "no weight" on 2020 data for next mortality projections

It says coronavirus has caused an exceptional mortality experience this year


Excess deaths in England and Wales drop below 2019 levels

CMI says 13-19 June was first time since March that excess deaths have turned negative


UK actuaries highlight drop in non-Covid-19 deaths

CMI to focus on registered deaths rather than estimated figures


UK weekly Covid-19 deaths rise slightly

Increase is masked by backlog of unregistered deaths from previous week