A fragile recovery?

Genworth's announcement of a $600m charge related to its long-term care book has once again drawn attention to the sustainability of this market. Yet a closer look reveals a revised product which offers enticing possibilities for insurers, as Marcus Alcock discovers


Change in mortgage valuation hurts Aegon

Dutch unit solvency ratio falls 20 percentage points in third quarter


US insurers should not fear interest rate spike

CreditSights gauges sector exposure as QE ends


Capital boost of European insurers is "misleading"

Reliance on unrealised gains exposes firms to interest rate rise


Optimising the capital structure

By analysing the economic capital structure of European insurers, it is possible to gain a sense of their weaknesses and how they are likely to optimise their capital structure prospectively under Solvency II, according to Philippe Picagne and Raymond Tam


Weak capital structures could prompt tier 1 bond issuances

Insurers have not optimised balance sheets says CreditSights