Coping with volatile assets and loss-making liabilities

Insurers are facing challenges on both sides of the balance sheet from the market environment and regulatory change. New approaches are needed but there are pitfalls. Helen Yates explains


Guide to economic scenario generators

Regulatory change and the proliferation of guarantee products have driven the development of a range of economic scenario generators (ESGs). Here's a detailed look at the different approaches of 11 such models, based on responses from their producers and providers to an InsuranceERM questionnaire.


Insurance industry confidence for Solvency II compliance falls

Only 46% of insurers are confident the industry will meet Solvency II deadline, down from 63% in 2010


"QIS5 gives something for everyone to cheer about"

But, says Deloitte, insurers need to act now to win all the battles


CROs must be able to break the maths barrier

Otherwise, they won't ask the right critical questions, argues Andrew Smith


Is the test of use too loose?

Internal models for Solvency II should be fully embedded in the business but official guidance on this is quite vague, says John Ferry