Deloitte actuary fined and reprimanded for misconduct

James Rakow was 'not in position' to give actuarial opinion, says FRC


Comment: Weak UK government bad news for insurers in need of key reforms

Whether it's the business of reforming elements of Solvency II, guaranteeing market access for UK firms selling into Europe or reforming the Ogden discount rate, a weak government will mean gridlock and uncertainty, says Callum Tanner


Deloitte predicts action from Irish regulator on sub-standard SFCRs

Consultancy says governance section of documents often disappointed expectations


IFRS 17 compliance: a task comparable with Solvency II?

IFRS 17 has been described as a "landmark shift" in insurer accounting and some are saying that implementation could require more work than was needed for Solvency II. InsuranceERM gets the lowdown from the industry on what it means for the sector


Sourcing data for cyber risk management

Insurers crave data to better write cyber risk policies and understand their risk accumulation, but getting hold of it is a tough assignment. Cintia Cheong reports


Insurers struggle to use full potential of data analytics

Change approach or be overtaken by start-ups, warns Deloitte


Cyber insurance market may need government backstop - Swiss Re

Big data and smart analytics can boost market


South Korean life insurers' earnings drop 25%

Sector's losses mainly from policy surrenders


Insurers risk losing cyber business

Other forms of financial protection will fill the void as the industry struggles with lack of data and aggregation risk


IFRS 17 publication delayed, transition group planned

"Minor issues" to be dealt with at February meeting