The Gherkin goes into receivership

Major tenant Swiss Re sold building in 2007


Annuity changes put corporate bonds under pressure

Revisions to the UK's legislation around annuities is causing insurers to rethink investment strategies. Hardeep Dhillon examines the impact on sterling capital markets and demand for assets


The UK pensions bombshell: opportunities among the wreckage?

The UK annuities market is undergoing a dramatic change as the rules on retirement products are rewritten. In this article, Christopher Cundy looks at five major implications for products and strategy


RSA's Irish losses - bad luck or bad management?

RSA's risk management was put under the spotlight last year by a host of unfortunate events, not least an accounting scandal that contributed to a £200m loss at its Irish division. Exonerated by external auditors, the incident has nonetheless raised questions around RSA's risk culture. Sarfraz Thind reports


Expect more frequent weather extremes, says Allianz director

Omen: Q4 2013 generated the most UK claims in a decade


FASB votes to curtail convergence with IASB

Accounting board limits the scope of its project on insurance contracts


UK flood insured loss to be "manageable"

Ongoing disaster likely to be a one-off negative for primary insurers


Raising the standard of internal model governance

Internal models are increasingly used for decision making and producing figures for financial reports, but model governance procedures have not kept pace with these changing demands. Dominic Rau and Christian Wegmann outline a framework for improving assurance


Adopting the new insurance IFRS

There is enough clarity about the final form of the new accounting standard for insurance contracts for firms to begin their transition. Francesco Nagari outlines the tasks required - and warns of the heavy workload ahead


Section 166s become more frequent, more diverse

UK regulators are making more use of their Section 166 powers to order third-party investigations into insurers and brokers – and broadening their focus. But they are still guaranteed to cause grief for firms, as Jamie Bullen reports