Allianz: 'UFR should remain at 4.2%'

CFO wades in on Eiopa's consultation


European insurers' assets worth €6.9trn in Q2

ECB values total liabilities at €6.64trn


ESRB locks horns with Eiopa over Solvency II UFR

The ultimate forward rate has been one of Solvency II's least contentious elements – until now. The European Systemic Risk Board is pushing for a revision that could have a dramatic effect on insurers' solvency. Hugo Coelho reports


QE-led volatility makes a mockery of Solvency II stresses

Commission under pressure to toughen calibrations in 2018 standard formula review


ECB reporting add-ons revealed in unofficial templates

European Central Bank amends draft Solvency II QRTs


Reporting: How much more does the ECB want?

The European Central Bank is currently finalising a piece of statistical regulation addressed to insurers, after discussions with the industry ended in July. The requirements will be largely aligned with Solvency II, but in a few areas the bank wants more data, as Hugo Coelho explains


Eiopa budgets €1.5m for XBRL data hub

But occupational pensions, not Solvency II, will be focus in 2014


Life insurance loses out to banking as premiums fall 7.3%

Premiums will grow at historically low rates, says E&Y


ECB may ask for reporting data before Solvency II

Could result in clash of priorities if directive is delayed


Solvency II will hit securitisations but may boost derivatives' use

Securitisations, hedge funds, real estate and private equity are not favoured assets based on Solvency II capital charges, but derivatives may offer insurers some flexibility, as Safraz Thind explains