Quality of insurance in Romania expected to improve after regulatory probe

Unsar's president comments on Eiopa/ASF balance sheet review


Romanian insurers dogged by Solvency II compliance issues

Balance sheet review shows vulnerabilities and risks in the country's insurance sector


Experts wanted for Eiopa's cat risk network

The network shares expertise on nat cat and climate risk topics


Eiopa flags nearly 2,000 IDD sanctions

Over 80% of these breaches were related to professional and organisational rules


Eiopa stress tests push nine EU insurers below solvency threshold

But all firms would be able to meet policyholder promises in stressed scenario


Eiopa launches impact underwriting pilot study

The authority also unveiled its sustainable finance plans for the next three years


Eiopa hopes for more disclosure of insurer stress test results

Announcement on 2021 stress tests due on 16 December


Riding the inflation wave

Inflation has been rising throughout 2021 driven by the economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, surging energy prices and global supply chain disruption. Ronan McCaughey asks how insurers are dealing with the risk


Use of Solvency II capital add-ons fell in 2020

Eiopa report is based on data from solo and group insurers from 30 EEA countries


Call for clarity on Eiopa's contract boundary proposals

Insurance Europe says some of the changes could lead to confusion