Insurance Europe gives view on sustainability within Solvency II

Trade association says there is no need for binary green vs brown assets approach


A capital management toolkit for life re/insurers

Paul Fulcher and Luca Tres describe the pros and cons of 10 techniques and solutions available to European life insurers under Solvency II to help manage capital


EU and UK supervisors agree to share information in case of no-deal Brexit

Authorities sign agreements with each other and with Eiopa


Brexit puts significance of UK insurance under spotlight

Industry bosses rubbish claims that UK may lose its importance


Eiopa sets out framework for conduct risk assessment

Four risk areas of insurance product lifecycle outlined


Eiopa releases hard Brexit guidance for national supervisors

With 38 days until a possible hard Brexit, recommendations are issued to minimise insurance disruption


Commission reveals scope of Solvency II reforms in 2020 advice request

In its request for technical advice from Eiopa, the European Commission has given its strongest indication yet about where it might take Solvency II. Christopher Cundy shares his thoughts


Commission asks Eiopa for solutions on Solvency II volatility adjustment

Parliament's suggested proposals for triggering “country component” are illegal


Eiopa targets improved conduct and supervisory convergence for 2019

The EU authority has revealed its key targets for the year ahead


Insurers need "flexible" definition of sustainability risks

Insurance Europe responds to Eiopa consultation on sustainability in Solvency II and IDD