UK vows unilateral action if no-deal Brexit happens

Contract continuity plan spelled out in paper from UK government


EU insurers lack robust pricing solution for cyber risk, Eiopa says

Further understanding of cyber risk is needed; moderate regulation is welcomed


Eiopa rejects countercyclical buffer in list of potential systemic risk measures

EU authority publishes final paper on a macroprudential framework for systemic risk


Eiopa seeks harmonisation of insurance guarantee schemes

EU suffering from fragmented policies for dealing with failing insurers


Eiopa catalogues insurer failures and near misses

Deficiencies in staff and governance systems seen as the most common causes of trouble at insurers


Eiopa seeks empirical evidence on the use of big data

The supervisor explores benefits, risks and possible regulatory interventions


EU supervisors insist Solvency II risk margin "is not an issue"

Insurers’ calls for a recalibration of the risk margin are being ignored by Eiopa and national supervisors, as evidenced at Insurance Europe's conference in Brussels last week. Aggelos Andreou reports


EU and UK authorities diverge on Brexit preparations

Eiopa repeats its advice to EU insurers to take contingency measures, while UK supervisors step up and reveal legislative plans. Aggelos Andreou reports


German actuaries tell Eiopa: "Stick to your remit"

DAV vice-president Guido Bader talks to David Walker about how the country's actuaries are concerned by Eiopa's new ideas for Solvency II – and the lack of testing around them


Eiopa harvests Solvency II disclosures to detail insurers' investments

Unprecedented insights into national-level asset holdings