Insurance Europe slams proposal to harmonise guarantee schemes

The lobby group warned of high costs and intractable challenges to harmonisation


Eiopa proposes extensive reforms for Solvency II 2020 review

Over 878 pages, the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority has put forward dozens of important reforms to the EU’s solvency regime. Christopher Cundy summarises the main issues and shares his opinion on the potential impacts


Traditional insurance approaches "fail" on cyber risk

Milliman reviews the findings of a recent Eiopa cyber risk re/insurance study


Eiopa launches field test for revised Solvency II reporting

The field test forms part of the Solvency II 2020 review


Travel insurance commissions are violating EU laws, Eiopa warns

Thematic review reveals problematic business models and remuneration structures


Eiopa sets expectations on insurers to take climate action

Opinion on sustainability in Solvency II acknowledges challenges to integrating climate change risk


Actuaries and re/insurers join Eiopa's digital ethics expert group

First meeting is to take place next month


Brexit and low interest rates remain top risks for insurers

Supervisory vigilance and cooperation remains key


How to avert the big data threat

Big data analytics promises to revolutionise risk selection for insurers, but threatens to marginalise higher-risk groups. Paul Walsh investigates how the “solidarity monitor” devised by the Dutch insurance association can help avoid exclusion


Karel Van Hulle: “I want the objectives of Solvency II to be remembered”

As a former head of insurance and pensions at the European Commission, Karel Van Hulle was central to the development of Solvency II. To coincide with the launch of his book on the directive, he talks to Christopher Cundy about its gestation, flaws and future development