Bernardino highlights Solvency II issues

Opens first Eiopa annual conference in Frankfurt


How Eiopa's guidelines will increase Solvency II disclosure levels

As expected, the batch of consultation papers and templates issued by Eiopa on 8 November require significantly increased quantitative and qualitative reporting detail for Solvency II in a number of areas relative to Solvency I, although, as the underlying level 2 text is still not finalised, further changes may be required , as William Coatesworth and John McKenzie explain.


FSA releases consultation paper on Solvency II reporting

Will inform specification for work that firms will need to do for pillar 3


Eiopa boosts ORSA power

Eiopa's consultation paper on the own risk and solvency assessment (ORSA) confirms how central the approach is to the smooth running of Solvency II. The paper's 24 guidelines "focus on what is to be achieved by the ORSA rather than on how it is to be performed." Here's a summary with some expert comments.


Eiopa launches consultation on reporting

Second Solvency II consultation this week


Eiopa launches ORSA consultation

Will run till January 2012


FSA hopes to avoid dual capital requirements in 2013

Looking at costs of running ICAS alongside Solvency II


"US will achieve equivalence"

Likely to be temporarily covered by transitional measures, says Fitch


Eiopa notes deviations between Bermudan regulation and Solvency II

Milliman comments on details of Eiopa's equivalence reports on Bermuda, Japan and Switzerland


The six key challenges of Solvency II

Many firms believe they're already close to compliance with Solvency II, when it's clear that quite a few are not. The problem is: the more progress insurers make, the more they realise they have to do. Simon Kirby spells out the six areas that most need attention.