Final equivalence reports released by Eiopa

Eiopa publishes assessments of Bermuda, Japan and Switzerland


Bermuda to start phasing in SCR at end of year

Follows trial run for small and medium-sized firms


Eiopa's IORP directive has "catastrophic potential"

Solvency II for pension schemes set to go ahead, says LCP


Eiopa invites feedback on IORP directive

Second consultation for 23 areas in CfA


UK pension liabilities could rise by £500bn under Solvency II

Schemes might be forced to switch to government bonds, says LCP


FSA "not reopening pre-application for models"

Extending the window for the IMAP to mid-2013 applies only to those firms already in pre-application, says the UK regulator, but it has yet to clarify other issues arising from its announcement about the delay in Solvency II implementation. Lorna Davies reports.


Japan and Eiopa discuss SII equivalence

Japanese minister in talks in Frankfurt


What is the future for supplementary reporting?

With the onset of Solvency II and IASB/FASB Phase II, supplementary reporting needs to adapt. Kamran Foroughi explains the background to this in the context of life insurers' reporting under EEV/MCEV principles in 2010.


Eiopa delays guidance on USPs

USPs should be attractive for many insurers in Europe, but some experts say regulators need to make the rules more flexible and clarify a number of points. Eiopa instead is delaying an expected consultation on the subject.


NAIC president to speak at Eiopa conference

Susan Voss takes part in Solvency II session