Eiopa stress tests show insurance market is "robust"

But 10% of insurers would fail capital test under sever economic downturn


Lloyd's confidence grows in model approval

But finance director describes the standard formula calibration as "nonsense" and fears it could be used to benchmark internal model outputs


Lloyd's optimistic on cat risk calibration

Eiopa task force has reached agreement on calibration, says Lloyd's general counsel


European Commission remains set on 2013 SII deadline

Despite Council's proposal to delay implementation by one year


Pressure mounts as Solvency II's timetable remains uncertain

Delays to key elements of the regime's framework mean firms will not know many of the final rules until after the implementation date. Lorna Davies reports.

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Eiopa confirms Solvency II messaging standard

XBRL will also be used by Bermuda and China


Testing times for European insurers

Eiopa's latest wave of stress tests has sparked controversy. With critics questioning the worth of the exercise, Lorna Davies asks what value they can bring.


Solvency II timeline "becoming increasingly uncertain"

New draft of Omnibus II pushes back draft implementing technical standards, KPMG warns


Next Bermuda equivalence phase planned for mid-year

Eiopa set for on-site review of BMA's enhanced regime