Eiopa: high macro and market risks for EU insurance sector

Warning that profitability and solvency risks have also increased


Eiopa may cut the frequency of insurance stress tests

A discussion paper from Eiopa sets out guidelines to improve future stress test exercises


Eiopa consults on harmonising policyholder protection schemes

Variety of national approaches is inconsistent with cross-border business


Solvency II reporting deadlines to be extended in Eiopa's wide-ranging disclosure reforms

First of two consultations launched in preparation for 2020 review


What's next for the MA and VA?

More than €100bn of capital relief is provided by Solvency II's matching and volatility adjustments, but they are far from uncontroversial. As the European Commission begins to consider reforms, Christopher Cundy reports on the problems and possible solutions


Eiopa consults on outsourcing to cloud service providers

Data protection, security and concentration risks exist with cloud systems


Risk of low interest rates "more prominent again", says Eiopa

Monthly financial stability report highlights return of low-for-long risk


'Uneven playing field' for Solvency II group supervision pinpointed

European Commission report identifies diverging implementations of group supervision


IASB launches consultation on IFRS 17 amendments

Standards board will organise stakeholder events to supplement consultation


"A handful" of non-life insurers still unprepared for Brexit

Eiopa responds to European Commission's Brexit update