Is EIOPA the beginning of an EU "super-regulator"?

EIOPA supersedes CEIOPS in January 2011 and is set to become much more than the advisory body that it replaces. Richard Burger and Imogen Hurst look at EIOPA's controversial new powers and their impact.


Will Solvency II deadline be lost in transition?

It looks increasingly unlikely that Solvency II will arrive with a big bang on 1 January 2013 because some key aspects of the directive will be phased in. But the transitional arrangements have yet to be spelled out. Helen Yates explains


EIOPA seeks chairperson and executive director

CEIOPS formally announces EIOPA recruitment process


EIOPA will look at SII transitional measures

But these shouldn't delay implementation, says CEIOPS' chairman


LMA warns of "triple regulation" of Lloyd's market

Proposed UK financial services regulatory system too banking-focused


Europe agrees to sweeping regulatory changes

Finance ministers pave way for new pan-European bodies


Time to get serious about the models

Only forty-seven months to Solvency II! For insurers taking the internal model route crucial decisions are needed now. Jessica Baylis reports.