Commission and Parliament negotiate reworking of Priips

Regulation to be delayed by 12 months, says Giegold


Pressure mounts to achieve EU-US covered agreement

International Underwriting Association calls for end to collateral barriers


Brexit shifts debate on Solvency II reforms

Many see Solvency II rules as a largely British export to Europe, but once the UK leaves the EU, the remaining member states are likely to take the directive in a new direction. Callum Tanner reports


Ireland's Solvency II testing raises proportionality concerns

The Central Bank of Ireland's probe into how smaller insurers are coping with Solvency II has touched a nerve with proponents of proportionality. David Walker reports


BaFin ignoring threat of prolonged low interest rates, says Giegold

Ultimate forward rate masking the problem in already struggling Germany, argues MEP


Eiopa delays Solvency II UFR decision

Pushed back from September to early 2017


Scor to challenge CCR ruling in court

Reinsurer disputes European Commission's decision


Commission approves French reinsurance scheme

CCR's government guarantee does not breach state aid rules


Commission is 'tabooing' sovereign risk, says MEP

Sven Giegold fears treatment of government bonds will be excluded from 2018 Solvency II review


Insurers caught off-guard by Priips 'soft launch'

Experts advise firms to identify products and data they need to perform the calculations