Europe stresses quality of outreach with IFRS 17 annuity ruling

The UK, meanwhile, has urged broader issues to be addressed at post implementation review


Don't ignore final IFRS 17 interpretation, says UKEB

UK endorsement body expects final adoption decision soon after tentative vote


EU warns against last-minute IFRS 17 interpretation rulings

UK seeking clarification from IFRS committee over treatment of annuities


Efrag approves IFRS 17 and 9 transition amendments

Changes were introduced to address potential mismatches in the transition


European insurers welcome Efrag's role in sustainability reporting standards

Insurance Europe says Efrag should consider field-testing the standards


Efrag raises inconsistency concern on IFRS 17/9 mismatch fix

EU's accounting advisors generally support IASB's plans


EU tables IFRS 17 carve out for annual cohorts - UPDATED

European Commission's first stage of endorsement is completed


How much is IFRS 17 costing the insurance industry?

Insurers are 19 months away from having to implement the new contract accounting standard and it is already costing them more than anticipated. Cintia Cheong finds out why


UK Endorsement Board launches IFRS 17 user survey

The deadline for completion is 12 May