Eiopa confirms review of UFR methodology

Official consultations have begun and will widen in 2016


ESRB locks horns with Eiopa over Solvency II UFR

The ultimate forward rate has been one of Solvency II's least contentious elements – until now. The European Systemic Risk Board is pushing for a revision that could have a dramatic effect on insurers' solvency. Hugo Coelho reports


Risk-weighting sovereign bonds would add €80bn to EU insurers' capital

ESRB report recognises distortion in Solvency II regime


NAIC president to speak at Eiopa conference

Susan Voss takes part in Solvency II session


Document: the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs' report on Omnibus II

The Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament issued its draft report on the proposed Omnibus II on 27 July.


EIOPA announces insurance stress test in second quarter

Will cover 50% of companies in each country


Is EIOPA the beginning of an EU "super-regulator"?

EIOPA supersedes CEIOPS in January 2011 and is set to become much more than the advisory body that it replaces. Richard Burger and Imogen Hurst look at EIOPA's controversial new powers and their impact.