Fix price-walking issue by end of 2021, UK tells insurers

Financial Conduct Authority revises timelines for general insurance reforms


UK insurers face multi-million payouts after losing BI appeal

Courts ruled in favour of Financial Conduct Authority in business interruption test case


UK insurers brace for costly BI appeal verdict on Friday

The Supreme Court decision will be scrutinised by insurers and the FCA


FCA proposes guidance for proving Covid-19 in BI claims

The guidance would become effective once there is a judgement in the Supreme Court's BI test case


Supreme Court's judgement in UK BI case could take weeks

Supreme Court's judgement in UK BI case could take weeks


South Africa's Santam loses BI hospitality case

The Cape Town High Court said the UK BI test case had great significance in the case


Aviva censured over preference shares mistake

But no fine after Aviva paid more than £7m compensation


Eiopa sets guidelines for supervising fairness and value of products

Key objective is to ensure consumer-centric approaches are implemented in practice


UK's BI test case likely to be appealed in Supreme Court

The FCA has filed a skeleton argument for tomorrow's consequentials hearing


UK to ban insurers from "price walking"

Financial Conduct Authority reveals final findings from investigation into differential pricing in non-life sector